Creative Content

Getting the most out of your social media marketing requires a plan. Knowing what you’re going to create and why, then masterfully sharing those stories, is essential. Thorn Creative Studio can guide you through the content strategy process, manage it entirely for you, or evolve your current approach.

Content Strategy

What goes into content creation?

  • Brainstorming Topics and Trends
  • Pick a Content Type and Format
  • Plan, Create and Publish Content
  • Analysis and Data Analytics
  • Solicit Customer Feedback

While channel selection is the where, and content strategy is the what and why of social media marketing, content creation is the how. Whether it’s finding your voice, creating an infographic, or producing a video series, Thorn Creative Studio’s highly talented team of writers and designers can deliver quality content that expresses your brand. Quality being the key to gaining the greatest benefit from your social content. 

News feeds, Instagram stories, blog posts, cat videos, GIFs, memes … all content. You can’t avoid it and neither can your customers. Content educates, entertains, brings new visitors to your site, and ultimately, drives business. We understand the power of content, that’s why we have a content creation team comprised of videographers, animators and editors.


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